yoni100Yoni is a sanscrit word which means sacred space. Yoni is used for female genitalia and is looked upon with deepest reverence as all body parts are all parts of a sacred temple.

A yoni Healing Ritual is a form of yoni puja adapted to our Western culture and its imperative need to reconcile sexuality and spirituality. Puja is usually translated as worship. Yoni worship is a very ancient tradition in India which is still alive today. Worship has a whole emotional content for those who can relate to this tradition similar to the Holy mass for Christians. However a hands-on sexual healing/ yoni massage deeply honoring the sacred feminine essence can be as powerful a worship when it comes to its potential transformational power.

I believe that most women could benefit from this unique and powerful type of healing because of thousands of years of Judeo Christian cultures that are still imprinted in our wombs. This translates in poor self image and self esteem, shame and guilt around our body and sexuality and unfulfilling sexual experience.

yoni030The purposes of the Yoni Healing Ritual are:

  • to discover the sanctity of our body-temple
  • to free the body-mind of guilt and shame around sexuality
  • to release genital armoring and sexual trauma
  • to connect love and sex as one energy
  • to open to new heights of sexual ecstasy
  • to nurture our feminine essence
  • to reclaim our feminine power
  • to heal the split between sexuality and spirituality


The Yoni Healing Ritual I have designed is a unique sequence of different steps to fully honor the goddess that you are. This is done with a powerful invocation consecrating the space, a check-in, a symbolic offering to your yoni/flower, asking permission to lay hands on you and then a series of healing modalities combining Tantra Polarity click Massage, Acupressure, Opening of the Jade Gate (stimulation for pleasure sake) and with permission granted, massage of the vagina. This is followed with a cooling down phase and completion as appropriate.

After Louisa experienced a couple of yoni healing rituals she expressed that she could have intercourse without pain for the first time since she could remember. Kidney pain that she’d also suffered from stopped bothering her.

yoni010Jane came to me because she felt troubled from being unable to keep her heart open whenever she and her husband would start getting sexual. As she put it. “Sexual intimacy was a constant push and pull, I couldn’t help it and I felt really bad about it”. In the first two sessions she released a lot of emotions. She came back to me on her third and last session with a big smile sharing the deep integration of love and sex she felt had been happening with her husband. Her last session took her deeper into her own bliss.

Warnings: It is important not to have any expectations as to what may happen during a session. As with any healing work the immediate results are not always measurable. While for some the energy release may be more subtle other may experience deep emotional releases. Nonetheless being touched at the core of our female wounding in such a deeply honoring and intimate way is bound to affect any woman in how she relates to herself as a sexual being. Since every woman has a very unique sexual history and is at a different place on her own healing journey together we determine if and when she is ready for this very special ritual.

“How in the name of all that is holy, can anyone think that the place where all of us come from, the very place of our birth, is a place of shame? It is the most important, the most powerful, the most beautiful place on earth. Worship it with all your heart…”

1 Rufus, C. Camphause, The Yoni, Sacred symbol of female creative power, p. 41 Inner Traditions, 1996, 134.