Maryse’s Services and Resources for women of all sexual orientation



Women! Transform your sex life into an amazing ecstatic experience!

My work empowers women to reclaim their birthright of love, pleasure, sexuality and the sacred.

I offer women of all ages and sexual preferences a safe and loving space to help reclaim the sacredness of our body-mind connection.

I believe that our body is the temple of our spirit. To know this is to know our divine inheritance. To know this is to know that we are perfect and a unique embodiment of goddess as we are. It is all about acceptance of who we are, as we are! As goddess as it gets! Easier said than done you may say. That is true.

How do we go about accepting ourselves as we are in a culture where the goddess of beauty, love and sex is exclusively defined (or designed!) by a multi- billion dollar fashion & cosmetic industry?

The beauty myth pervading this culture is no doubt one of the most damaging myths to our female psyche. It is bound to affect our self image our sexual experience and our ability to enjoy ourselves as we are.

The absence of appropriate sexual education and adequate role models of healthy sexuality will also promote feelings of confusion, guilt, shame, self loathing and disempowerment about ourselves, our womanhood and our sexuality.

While longing to fully experience love, pleasure and the sacred in connection to our sexuality we may often experience physical and emotional pain and blocks getting in the way of our fulfillment. How can we go about removing these layers of protection and self-limiting beliefs so as to be able to experience sexual ecstasy?

In my Intimate work with women for over 30 years and based in my own healing journey, I have found that it is indeed possible to reclaim our birthright to a natural, healthy, joyful, empowered and fully satisfying sexuality. The reconciliation of sexuality and spirituality, and of love and sex will require courage and dedication. The good news is that it can be done. And you don’t necessarily need a partner in order to connect with your intrinsic source of bliss.

My holistic approach takes into consideration the totality of your being. The Tantric aspect of the work will emphasize the reconciliation of sexuality and spirituality with specific self practices and healing modalities, body and breath work, rituals and compassionate listening.

Are you ready to free yourself from self limiting beliefs? From misplaced guilt, shame and insecurity?

My TANTRIC HOLISTIC HEALING practice combines love with:

  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Tantric Holistic Massage
  • Intimate Skills Communication Training
  • Energy Work
  • Intuitive Deep Tissue
  • Acupressure
  • Polarity Therapy, Rituals, Breath work
  • The Multi-Orgasmic Lover Training ™

The Woman’s 2-3 Hour Session(s) can be booked as a one-time event for those wishing to explore the possibilities. I may then recommend a series of sessions based on your needs and interests. Women in crisis and in need of immediate assistance are also welcome. The content of the first session may include Spiritual/Sexual Counselling, The Multi-Orgasmic Lover Training including the The Full Body Orgasm Technique, and Tantra Polarity – No explicit nudity required for this session. I may recommend Tantric Holistic Massage and the Yoni Healing Ritual for the subsequent session(s) depending and according to your needs and readiness.

Testimonial from an unsolicited client :

“My life has been profoundly transformed as a result of this training. I set the intention at the beginning to release all sexual shame and pain and to honor my body as a divine temple, and I thought this would be an impossible task. I had experienced 8 years of severe sexual pain and had been to numerous specialists and healers, many of whom had reinforced the belief that I had a ‘problem’ and that there was something very wrong with me. I now realize that my body was holding a very important message for me, and I see the pain as being a tremendous gift in my own journey of awakening to the divine feminine and honoring myself as a woman worthy of love. Once my consciousness shifted around the nature of my pain, it was able to release quite naturally and profound healing has occurred.

Not only have I been able to release the shame and pain I was carrying in my body, but I’ve been able to completely free myself of my sexual past. I now feel that I am embodying the divine sacred feminine within me. I feel free to be completely myself and to love and honour all parts of me: mind, body and soul. I am incredibly grateful to Maryse and to this course for enabling me to return home to mySelf.”