Private Retreats and Private Sessions for individual women or same sex couples

These retreats can unfold over one day, a weekend or a whole week.

The retreat concept can apply to anyone needing to take time out whether alone or with a partner. It can be a perfect time for self exploration and for being pampered. It can be a wonderful gift to yourself: A Female Tantric Orgasmic Journey.

For some women the focus of the retreat is more on healing. Maryse will create a safe space for you to go deeper into your healing process while helping to integrate some of the deep transformational work which can take place during the sessions.

After the initial conversation on the phone I will suggest a particular program according to your specific needs, including a combination of the different aspects of my work as I describe below.
We work in sessions of 3-4 hours with sufficient time between the sessions to enjoy nature walks, for meditation by the ocean, resting and giving yourself self nurturing time.


Our work together will take place at my home studio in downtown Victoria, BC, Canada, Mexico or at a studio in Bali, generally between December and March. Since everyone has different requirements when it comes to places to stay I recommend that you go online and find a hotel or a B&B which best suit your preferences. Victoria is located on Vancouver Island off the west coast of British Columbia. It is world renowned for its magnificent natural surroundings. As is Bali “ the island of the Gods”.

Private Retreats and Private Sessions can include some of the following:
Sex & Intimacy Coaching and Tantric Holistic Healing Massage
Tantric Holistic Massage
Yoni Healing Ritual and G Spot Massage
Female Multi-Orgasmic Lover Training including The Full Body Orgasm Practice