Couples Intimacy Coaching

  • Enhance your communication skills and enjoy increased intimacy
  • Rekindle the passion in your relationship
  • Discover the exquisite power of touch
  • Harmonize your energy with that of your intimate partner
  • Integrate ancient sexual practices into your life to increase your stamina, stabilize your health and enhance your vitality
  • Optimize the connection between love and sex
  • Celebrate the sharing of the gift of sacred sexuality  


Building trust from the beginning. Before agreeing to book a Tantric Holistic Intimacy Coaching session I speak at length on the phone with each partner. This enables me to have a better idea of the expectations held by each partner and presents the opportunity for any questions or special considerations. Speaking with and listening to each partner also helps confirm whether or not all three of us are ‘on the same page’, allowing me to suggest a course of action which I believe will best facilitate getting the weaving of the tapestry of their intimate lives back on track.

Some individuals are relieved to know that nudity is not a necessary requirement for this work. Far more important is respecting the particular sensitivities held by each intimate partner. While some couples may be ready to move ahead quite quickly and begin to explore more hands-on Tantric Holistic Massage practices, it doesn’t mean that it is what’s necessary or appropriate for each couple. Honoring ourselves and our boundaries continues to remains our first guideline towards sacred intimacy.

Tantra, Sex & Intimacy Coaching – The 4 Hour Session click

This session is designed to provide the couple with a basic intimacy tool kit ( instruction manual included) to keep weaving the tapestry of their own particular unique intimacy into their own lives. The couple will be exposed to the 4 aspects of Maryse’s work: Practices, Ritual, Communication and Healing along with the basic Tantric & Taoist principles & practices.

Tantra, Sex & Intimacy Coaching – The 12 Hour Package click

The 12 Hour Package is divided in three sessions of approximately 4 hours each and preferably over 3 days ( locals can also space the time between the sessions at their convenience).

The first session consists of the 4 Hour Coaching as described above. The 2nd & 3rd sessions are designed as an intimate massage course and ritual setting introducing “the lover as a healer”. The 2 sessions consist of a thorough hands-on learning skills including an initiation to Hands-On Sexual Practices “The Yoni (Female Genitalia) Healing Massage” An ideal way to prepare a woman and her partner to later on explore with G spot massage in their own timing.


“Combining parenting two pre-teenage children with highly demanding professional careers took a toll on our relationship with the result that our sex life became deprived of emotional intimacy. My husband and I were rarely having sex, and when we did we ended up feeling even more disconnected. You’ve given us a gift that was so unexpected and wonderful. It will continue to guide us towards joy and intimate connection for a very long time to come. Thank you so much Maryse.” Sandra and Antony

 “Maryse showed great intuitiveness, genuine care, knowledge and wisdom. Our passion was greatly rekindled.” Erin and Alex

 “Your work represents no less than a paradigm shift. A whole new holistic attitude towards sexuality, love and intimacy.” Peter and Sophia

 “I was very interested in learning Tantric massage. I had no problem having Maryse massage me but didn’t feel ready to have her massage my husband in an intimate fashion. Maryse showed great willingness to accommodate my needs and offered the option of using a dildo to show me the strokes as she discretely coached me while I was massaging my husband. It was a breakthrough experience for both of us. I was able to give my husband the pleasure I always wanted to give him but didn’t know how; he was able to receive more deeply than ever before and had his first full body tantric orgasm. We are so joyful for the new level of sexual skills opening to greater depth of intimacy that we have found. Maryse, we are so grateful for your helping hand! ” Couple from N.Z.


” I wanted to offer something very special to the love of my life for her birthday. From the first call to Maryse I felt safe and reassured. She could address any of my concerns. She requested to talk to my girlfriend before booking the sessions: -“ I find it important to touch base with both partners and make sure we are on the same page and can best address your specific needs!” I liked that. Maryse’s showed great intuitiveness, genuine care, knowledge and wisdom. How little did I know these qualities were to create the safety I needed to break through an old conditioned controlling pattern which was really getting in the way of our intimacy. I was able to open my heart and receive the love I had been yearning to receive throughout my entire life. Maryse’s work was the greatest gift I could ever give myself and my beloved! ” Couple from California

Testimonials from Individuals 

“An overwhelming, loving, enlightening life learning experience. Thank you from the deepest recesses of my soul. love.

Don K. Ph. D.

Thank you Maryse for your loving, respectful, sensitive guidance into new discoveries, opening, healing, risky places. I will take these new ideas and subtle changes into my practice and moving towards full human potential, for myself and for my partner.

Laura G. CHSE