Female Sexual Empowerment

Tantra and Women’s Sexual Empowerment

Arousing the Goddess Within 

This Experiential Workshop will present a chosen selection of the powerful Tantric and Taoists core practices responsible for thousands of women’s transformative changes resulting from awakening to, and connecting with their own deep source of joy and bliss allowing them to experience Shakti, their sacred erotic power.

If you cannot face directly into your sexuality,
you will never discover your true spirituality.
(White Tigress Manual)

Do you want to know how to transform sex into a spiritual experience and embody the goddess that you are?

Come and join me in this exceptional one day workshop where we will be weaving Tantric and Taoise traditions with:

  • Ritualistic practices designed to strengthen the connection between sex and love
  • Powerful Tantric breath practices, which by awakening and circulating your vital energy flow will increase and intensify your orgasms
  • Taoist Feminine Treasures for female hormone balance, which will regulate menstruation, alleviate menopausal symptoms and present or reduce PMS
  • Sharing in Sacred Circles and Celebrating in the Spirit of Sisterhood

No explicit sexual activity. Not meant as a substitute for therapy or the need for intensive sexual healing.

Victoria, Sunday November 5, 2017, 10am-6pm

For information and registration, contact Maggie: msyfung@hotmail.com
Maryse also teaches this workshop or a longer retreat during the winter in Bali every other year. Otherwise, she is available to teach workshops internationally, including Tantra the Yoga of Intimacy for Couples, by demand, and with sufficient notice.

Tropical Vacation Featuring Tantric Yoga and Wild Women Womb Wisdom: Private Coaching
for Women of all ages

At El Encanto Eco-Hotel
A Rustic Retreat Center in Nayarit
Mexico, December 2017- May 2018


And upcoming this winter:
Women Womb Wisdom: Weeklong Group Retreat
Mexico, March 2018

  • Challenging the prevalent myths surrounding menopause and the cliché of the asexual aging woman.
  • Recalling our Female Pelvic Power while preventing pelvic floor disorders. Eighty percent of women will suffer from Pelvic Floor Disorder or PFD including incontinence, at some point during their lifetime.
  • Taking care of ourselves through this significant life’s transition.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine menopause was known as Second Spring, acknowledging a renewal of energy, creativity and deeper wisdom. In many traditional cultures women do not experience the “secondary” menopausal symptoms which eighty per cent of us in our Western culture endure. What is their secret? How can we avail ourselves of it? Or better yet how to find our own secrets of rejuvenation, longevity and feminine wisdom



Please make a note that I am offering my weekly series again this fall.  Dates will be posted soon. Space is limited to a selected group of participants. Let us know early if you are interested. 

Private Tantric tropical retreat in Mexico

Experience the Yoga of Intimacy for couples


In the Privacy of your room or bungalow



This private Couple’s retreat is designed to provide a safe and supportive environment where you will learn to:

  • Enhance your communication skills and deepen intimacy
  • Heal the connection between love and sex
  • Rekindle the passion in your relationship
  • Integrate ancient sexual practices to build up stamina, balance health and enhance vitality into everyday life
  • Celebrate the gift of Sacred Sexuality

Click COUPLES on the menu for more details on the content of the sessions. Email Maryse at yogini1008@gmail.com and we can schedule a Skype/Zoom session to discuss your specific needs and special considerations.

Maryse showed great intuitiveness genuine care, knowledge and wisdom. Our passion was greatly rekindled.” Couple from California.


meet-maryseMaryse Coté was initiated to Tantra in India in 1980. She has since developed her own unique synthesis of Tantric and Taoist traditions with modern transformational processes. Maryse celebrates 25 years of Women’s Sacred Sexuality Work with her upcoming book on Empowering Female Sacred Sexuality.