maryseSexual educator, Tantra & Sacred Sexuality teacher, author, speaker, sexual healer, massage teacher, trainer and counsellor, Maryse is also a pioneer in women sexuality healing circles, having conducted workshops and training for over three decades. Her life changing healing journey began in India where she was initiated to Tantra in 1980 where she also got certified in Breath Therapy/Rebirthing. She studied Tantra with renowned teachers such as Margo Anand, Saraswati & Avinasha (Tantra Jyoti Kriya Yoga). Maryse received massage certification from Dr. Scherer founder of the Academy of Massage and Healing Arts, Santa Fe N.M. She taught Swedish Massage at the American Massage Association’s College of Massage in Utah. Combining her studies in Tantra, Buddhism, Qi-Kong and traditional Advaita Vedanta into her own teachings. She has developed her own synthesis of ancient Tantric practices and modern therapeutic processes to free creative life force and to help people understand their sexuality and its intimate connection to spirituality.

Praise to Maryse

“Maryse is an incredibly gifted healer and facilitator. She brings a depth of presence, wisdom, compassion and integrity that is completely genuine. She gives 150% and it is felt! This work is so incredibly needed in the world, most of all I think because of all the mistaken beliefs that women hold about their bodies and love and sex.”

Chloe Garthson, BA, RPC
Spiritual Counsellor and Group Facilitato

My Mission Statement

Why I am a teacher of Tantra & Sacred Sexuality


I desire to share priceless teachings
which have tremendously enriched my life.
I wish to help others unleash
the transforming power of their sexual energy;
to understand, appreciate and respect its profound sanctity.

I honour the inborn potential of everyone
to be truly healthy and happy through the integration of their sexuality & spirituality.
I believe I have been called to serve others
and I embrace my given ability
and honour my incarnation.

I know that our body is our temple
which is to be treated with a deep reverence.
I find fulfillment in sharing this vision and sensitivity
with those who are openly receptive.

I appreciate that I am indeed blessed to be able to share my passion through my work.

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