I am excited to announce that I am currently in Mexico and will be teaching Tantric Yoga Private Coaching for women, men and couples over the winter at the amazing El Encanto Eco-Hotel rustic retreat centre. I am also planning a week-long Women’s Tantra and Sexual Empowerment retreat for March at the same retreat centre. I’ll keep you posted. Get ready to book your tropical holiday retreat!
Tropical paradise for a dream retreat

Tropical paradise for a dream retreat

 A Tropical Vacation Featuring Tantric Yoga Private Coaching for Couples at El Encanto Eco-Hotel:

A Rustic Retreat Center in Nayarit Mexico

Available from December 6 to May 6     

Relax, Rejuvenate and Rekindle your Passion and Romance in this amazing tropical paradise. Enjoy your stay in one of eight ocean front apartments with private bathrooms, kitchens, and a shared large patio overlooking seventy – five feet of terraced gardens descending to the beach.

You will learn how to:

  • Re-kindle your passion through a heart-centered approach
  • Use consent to optimize the power of giving and receiving touch
  • Harmonize energy with your partner
  • Communicate more efficiently to enhance emotional intimacy
  • Transmute your sexual energy so you can last longer and open to your full orgasmic potential
  • Hold sacred space and become a healer for one another.

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A Tropical Vacation Featuring Tantric Yoga and Wild Women Womb Wisdom: Private Coaching for Women of all ages

At El Encanto Eco-Hotel  www.encantomexico.com 
A Rustic Retreat Center in Nayarit
Mexico, December 2017- May 2018




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These retreats can unfold over one day, a weekend or a whole week.

The retreat concept can apply to anyone needing to take time out whether alone or with a partner. It can be a perfect time for self exploration and for being pampered. It can be a wonderful gift to yourself: A Female Tantric Orgasmic Journey.

For some women the focus of the retreat is more on healing. Maryse will create a safe space for you to go deeper into your healing process while helping to integrate some of the deep transformational work which can take place during the sessions.

After the initial conversation on the phone I will suggest a particular program according to your specific needs, including a combination of the different aspects of my work as I describe below.

We work in sessions of 3-4 hours with sufficient time between the sessions to enjoy nature walks, for meditation by the ocean, resting and giving yourself plenty of nurturing time.

 Reframing our Menopausal Transition:    

Celebrating Women Sexual Empowerment

An exceptional custom-designed private retreat where you will learn how to:

  • Relax, Nurture yourself and Rejuvenate in a tropical paradise
  • Cultivate a strong current of life force as the best anti-aging and anti-stress secret
  • Heal your Body and your Heart
  • Awaken your Shakti or Sacred Erotic Power
  • Increase and Intensify your Orgasms
  • Regulate your Menstrual cycle, Prevent or

Alleviate PMS and Menopausal symptoms

  • Stay Healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually


And upcoming this winter:

Wild Women Womb Wisdom: Weeklong Group Retreat
Mexico, March 2018

Stay tuned: dates to be confirmed soon

 Welcome to SacredSexSecrets.com

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A site devoted to sexual empowerment and the enhancement of the connection between sex and spirit. My mandate is to reclaim love, desire, pleasure and the sacred through education, sexual skills training, healing and sharing in a supportive environment.

I offer Private Coaching, Holiday-Retreats, Workshops & Training, a Sexual Secrets Audio Library and much more.

I am currently available for Private Tantric Sessions, including Private Retreats for individuals and couples. 

With regard to my work in Bali next winter stay tuned for more information. I would welcome hearing of any interest you may have in participating in any workshop or private coaching sessions either in Mexico, Bali or other exciting possible destinations.

An update about my upcoming, somewhat overdue book, Be the Heroine of Your Own Myth: Living Sexuality from the Inside Out which I can assure you will be well worth the wait. This book, currently being edited prior to publication outlines the journey of recovering the power of the erotic which acknowledges that our body and our senses, including pleasure and passion are genuine sources of spiritual knowledge and wisdom. 

Once the myths which have enslaved women in self-denial, shame and blame have been offered up to the altar of our authentic self the heroine within us becomes transparent. In the words of Joseph Campbell, we make ourselves “transparent for transcendence.” To transcend means to expand beyond the confines of our ordinary human experience. That is precisely how the erotic elevates our energetic state allowing us to transcend the ordinary; to taste, to savour and fully embody the sacred erotic. When we tap into our inherent source of erotic power, we cannot help but become the attractive, radiant and authentic woman that we essentially are.

Taoism speaks of the supremacy of women’s sexual power. It likens women to water and men to fire, viewing women as stronger in sex and constitution than men, as water is stronger than fire. Awakening this power has enabled me to transform my own disempowering myths which allows my inner heroine to shine through with a flame which lights the way for others to embark upon similar journeys. Assisting women to recall their own personal source of erotic power has become my life’s mission and my life’s joy.

How can this power be awakened, transformed and sustained so that its sexual/spiritual components may benefit you physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually? This book will help you to explore the nature of this erotic power, to examine what may be preventing your birthright to it and to celebrate its magnificence!


Meet Maryse


International Tantric Yoga teacher, sexual healer, author and a Tantric Holistic Massage tm trainer, Maryse is also a pioneer in women’s sexuality healing circles, having conducted workshops and training for over three decades. She has developed her own synthesis of ancient Tantric, Taoist practices and modern therapeutic processes which free the creative life force and help clients to understand and appreciate their sexuality and its intimate connection to spirituality. Thousands of people have also benefited from her private healing and Tantric Holistic work. She is currently completing her upcoming book: Be the Heroine of your own Myth: Living Sexuality from the Inside Out.

Maryse’s life changing healing journey began in India where she was initiated to Tantra in 1980 and became certified in Breath Therapy/Rebirthing. She studied Tantra with renowned teachers such as Margo Anand, Saraswati & Avinasha (Tantra Jyoti Kriya Yoga), and Taoism with Daniel Li Ox and Minka DeVos. Maryse also received massage certification from Dr. Scherer founder of the Academy of Massage and Healing Arts, Santa Fe N.M. She subsequently taught Swedish massage at the American Massage Association’s College of Massage in Utah. Maryse has integrated her studies of and experiences within Tantra, Buddhism, Qi-Kong and traditional Advaita Vedanta into her own teachings.



Sexual Secrets Audio Library

We are glad to inform you that Maryse’s Audio Guide Series are available for download directly from the Audio Library.

We are glad to inform you that Maryse’s Audio Guide Series are available for download directly from the Audio Library.

Come visit our Sexual Secrets Audio Library and listen to the free samples NOW!

“I’ve just audited the samples of the first series of CDs, on your multi-orgasms.com site & I’m blown away. Not only was I wowed by the techniques & teachings alluded to, but also by your warm, sensuous & resonant voice!”

The following CD titles from Maryse aka Ishtara are now ONLY available for downstream or download by subscription to our Audio Library:

The Multi-Orgasmic Lover Volume 1 and 2

A Guided Erotic Journey

Be the Man of Her Fantasies – How to give her pleasure beyond her wildest dreams, Vol. 1-2-3


Holiday Retreats

A safe and serene environment in a natural surroundings either in British Columbia, Canada, Bali, Indonesia or in Mexico.

A place to relax, to be nurtured and reconnect with yourself and/or your couple.


genieMaryse’s upcoming E-Book:

Working Title:

Be the Heroine of your own Myth, Living Sexuality from the Inside Out.

Stay tuned!!


Private Coaching

Sexual Intimacy & Tantric Coaching
For Men, Women, Couples & Singles of all sexual orientation

Give yourself and/or your relationship the possibility for greater love, deeper intimacy and sexual satisfaction. You deserve it!

Phone Coaching

In the comfort and privacy of your own home, the phone/Skype sessions can be a great way to get started on your journey and/or to continue exploring and enhancing sexuality with yourself and/or with a partner.



Workshops & Trainings

Tantra &

Wild Women Womb Wisdom Retreats in Mexico December 2017-May 2018

Tantra in Mexico, The Yoga of Intimacy  for couples

A Tropical Vacation Featuring Tantric Yoga Private Coaching for couple
At El Encanto Eco-Hotel
A Rustic Retreat Center in Nayarit Mexico
Private Coaching available from December 2017- May 2018

Relax, Rejuvenate and Rekindle your Passion and Romance in this amazing tropical paradise.

Also Couples Private Retreats in Victoria and Bali.

Victoria BC

Victoria, BC, Canada




Maryse shares her philosophy and understanding of Tantra, her point of view and passion on the following topics: Women, Tantra & Sexual Healing, What it means to be a man, Our birthrite to Orgasm, female sexual dysfunctions, Loving our breasts, loving ourselves, 9 essential keys for men to control ejaculation, Our birthright to orgasm and more.


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