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Maryse will be in Bali from January 15 to May 14, 2014 and will resume her private work in Victoria thereafter.  Meanwhile she will be available for private sessions in Bali as well as for workshops.  See the Women's Workshop page for more details on the Tantra & Female Sexual Empowerment Workshop.

Please note: This website is blocked in Indonesia due to sexual content.  Maryse can be reached on her cell in Bali until May 11 at (62) 0822-3617-7554.

You may also contact Maryse for upcoming workshops in Bali scheduled on short notice and which may not necessarily be posted on the website.

Welcome to

a site devoted to sexual empowerment and the enhancement of the connection between sex and spirit Our mandate is to reclaim love, desire, pleasure and the sacred through education, sexual skills training, healing and sharing in a supportive environment

We offer Private Coaching, Holiday-Retreats, Workshops & Trainings, a Sexual Secrets Audio Library and much more.


Sexual Secrets Audio Library

We are glad to inform you that Maryse’s Audio Guide Series are available for download directly from the Audio Library.

Come visit our Sexual Secrets Audio Library and listen to the free samples NOW!

"I've just audited the samples of the first series of CDs, on your site & I'm blown away. Not only was I wowed by the techniques & teachings alluded to, but also by your warm, sensuous & resonant voice!"

The following CD titles from Maryse aka Ishtara are now ONLY available for downstream or download by subscription to our Audio Library:



Holiday Retreats

A safe and serene environment in a natural surroundings either in British Columbia, Canada or in Bali, Indonesia

A place to relax, to be nurtured and reconnect with yourself and/or your couple



Coming Soon!

Maryse's upcoming E-Book:

Working Title:

Tantra, Women and Sexual Healing
A Spiritual Journey towards Female Orgasmic Potential

Stay tuned!!



Private Coaching

Sexual Intimacy & Tantric Coaching
For Men, Women, Couples & Singles of all sexual orientation

Give yourself and/or your relationship the possibility for greater love, deeper intimacy and sexual satisfaction. You deserve it!

Phone Coaching

In the comfort and privacy of your own home, the phone sessions can be a great way to get started on your journey and/or to continue exploring and enhancing sexuality with yourself and/or with a partner.


Workshops & Trainings

March 6- May 1, 2011, 6-9.30pm

Awakening the Goddess Within,

Victoria, BC, Canada



Tribal Tantra

The Yoga of Passionate Awakening



Maryse shares her philosophy and understanding of Tantra, her point of view and passion on the following topics: Women, Tantra & Sexual Healing, What it means to be a man, Our birthrite to Orgasm, female sexual dysfunctions, Loving our breasts, loving ourselves , 9 essential keys for men to control ejaculation, Our birthrite to orgasm and more.


An interview with Maryse

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