Prostate Massage

Tantric Holistic Massage works at transmuting raw sexual energy into more subtle energies, an alchemical process which has the potential of opening us to a mystical experience. Conscious breathing is what enables this transformation to happen. Erotic energy is often associated with doing, i.e. with moving towards the goal of having an orgasm. Goal orientation creates tensions and tightness through the body which blocks the natural flow of energy. Tantric and Taoist practices will assist a person in letting go of goal orientation, a necessary condition for surrendering to the natural flow of energy. The key is to be present to what arises and to relax into the build-up of arousal while helping to direct the flow of energy. It takes time, energy, commitment and practice to change life’s long conditioning!

Tantric Holistic Massage uses sensual touch combined with conscious breathing. This is a powerful combination that activates neuro-muscular pathways, which connections are reinforced each time the pleasurable experience is repeated. Because of this, our ability to receive pleasure can keep expanding throughout the course of our lives. However the genital area is often desensitized, prohibiting heightened pleasure and sexual bliss. This desensitization is referred to as Genital Armoring.

“In men, circumcision, early experiences of guilt and fear associated with masturbation, clumsy prostatic examinations, and a compulsion to demonstrate “masculinity” by being forceful and thrusting in lovemaking all contribute to genital armoring. This armoring can manifest itself as a hardening of the penis, causing penile insensitivity that require extreme strong stimulation in order to achieve arousal or, by contrast, it can result in an oversensitivity and fragility of the foreskin that translates into the attitude, ‘Don’t touch me!” Armoring in men also manifests itself in the form of chronic tension in the anal sphincter muscles, involving erections, and an attitude of sexual greed-the need for repeated genital stimulation.

Men frequently have a lot of armoring in the heart area, as well, and consequently are unable to experience pleasurable genital sensations from stimulation of their breasts and nipples.

When the penis (lingham) is healed it becomes flexible, warm, and vibrantly alive when erect. In addition to the stimulation provided by vigorous sexual intercourse, increased sensitivity enables the man to receive pleasure by resting his penis in the vagina in a relaxed, gentle, non-demanding way (soft style lovemaking). Prior to healing, he may not be able to feel much or maintain his arousal without continued stimulation.

In both women and men, when the genitals are healed, there is no fear of sexual pleasure, no identification with past traumas, and no habitual tendency to contract. You are then free to enjoy your instinctive ability to make love ecstatically!”

Until the whole genital and anal area has been cleared the imprints left by negative sexual experiences, it’s impossible for most people to experience the joys of deeply erotic ecstatic states. Love and acceptance are the key ingredients of healing. When combined with direct, hands-on, loving massage around and inside the genital area, we can effectively heal these old wounds, transforming pain into pleasure.”

– excerpt from Margo Anand, The Art of Sexual Ecstasy

Genital Armoring blocks the sexual flow, which may lead to a whole range of sexual dysfunctions. Tantric Holistic Healing Massage will help release the body armoring through the use of deep tissue massage, acupressure, energy work and conscious breathing. To reach the root causes of Genital Armoring, it is also important to bring attention to any emotions that may be held in that part of the body.

For instance, anger and rejection from past relationships may still be held in the genital area. This may hold a person back from fully giving themselves sexually and emotionally to a partner. Genital armoring is bound to affect a person’s full orgasmic potential and their capacity to experience a fulfilling sexuality.

Prostate Massage Ritual

The main purpose of this ritual is to awaken the tremendous pleasure potential which is held in the male prostate gland. The prostate is the door to a man’s full orgasmic potential. The prostate is also called sacred spot which is the male equivalent of the female sacred or G Spot. Unfortunately a great number of heterosexual males have considered this part of their body off-limits. This attitude is often the direct result of homophobic anal retentive cultures which propagate that – if a man enjoys pleasure through his anus he must be gay! Such taboo has instilled fear and rejection of a man’s single highest erogenous zone. Is it a wonder that prostate cancer remains the second highest causes of death on men in North America! Energy stagnation creates the perfect milieu for illness to develop. How sad!

Anal and prostate massage helps release genital armoring which in the first place is constructed as a protection from pain and which ends up also being a protection from pleasure. Releasing genital armoring can free up the deeper sexual pleasure which is often buried beneath the layers of protection.

TANTRIC HOLISTIC MASSAGE will benefit those with:

A desire to learn how to prolong lovemaking by only receiving touch while practicing the Multi-Orgasmic Lover training techniques with direct coaching, through addressing:

  • Ejaculation Control, Erectile Dysfunction
  • Stress-related imbalances
  • Lack of sexual desire
  • Limited ability to receive pleasure
  • Difficulty surrendering to love and sharing deep intimacy
  • Emotional blocks
  • Depressive Moods
  • A desire to open to one’s full orgasmic potential

TANTRIC HOLISTIC MASSAGE combines Energy Work, Swedish Massage, Intuitive Deep Tissue, Acupressure, Polarity Therapy, Rituals, Breathwork, Tantric and Taoist practices and Love.