The Full Body Orgasm Practice

Tantric and Taoist ancient traditions have studied in-depth human sexology. Great bodies of knowledge and wisdom have been their legacy. We are very blessed today to have access to these ancient secrets. They reveal to us the keys to longevity, rejuvenation, love, sexual ecstasy and spiritual awareness

I have designed the Multi-Orgasmic Lover Training to enable men to learn how to circulate their sexual energy to benefit all other aspects of their life.

The objectives of these practices are to:

  • Fully circulate sexual energy for health, longevity and sexual ecstasy
  • Heal the split between love and sex
  • Remove emotional blocks
  • Increase sexual stamina
  • Nurture ourselves

The Full Body Orgasm Practice

The secret of a full body orgasm lies in the combination of breath and the activation of the three pumps: the PC, the sacral and the cranial pumps. When the breath and the 3 pumps are fully activated the orgasmic loop opens up allowing sexual energy to move freely, triggering the full body orgasm. The orgasmic loop is a circuit which runs up the spine into the brain, then down the front of the body looping at the perineum. The full body orgasm is truly energetic. It doesn’t require sexual stimulation or arousal for it to happen

In my sessions I demonstrate how a full body orgasm can be triggered without any sexual stimulation. A student can then practice under my supervision and coaching. (See my video clip)

The Full Body Orgasm Practice also works at removing energy blocks from all the energy centers (chakras). When the flow of energy is moving freely orgasm can be experienced through any of the seven chakras.