The 4 Hour Session

This session is designed to provide the couple with a basic intimacy tool kit ( instruction manual included) to keep weaving the tapestry of their own particular unique intimacy into their own lives. The couple will be exposed to the 4 aspects of Maryse’s work: Practices, Ritual, Communication and Healing along with the basic Tantric & Taoist principles & practices.

This introductory session can be booked as a one time only or can be the first part of the 12 Hour Coaching

The emphasis is to create a safe & supportive space for the couple to relax and enjoy while leaning new intimate skills.

The 4 Hour Session may include some of the following:

  • A brief check-in with the couple (after the initial phone consultation) in order to make it custom tailored to each couple’s specific needs
  • The Multi-Orgasmic Lover Training for both men & women; Maryse’s step-by-step training
  • Ritual for lovers Including a sequence of dual Tantric practices to harmonize energies and prepare for lovemaking
  • ART, a basic communication training around giving and receiving touch
  • Tantra Polarity™ ( if time allows ) a simple & profound healing practice aiming at balancing electro-magnetic energy while healing the connection between love and sex.

You will learn how to:

  • Re-kindle your passion through heart-centered approach
  • Use consent to optimize the power of giving and receiving touch
  • Harmonize energy with your partner
  • Communicate more efficiently to enhance emotional intimacy
  • Transmute your sexual energy so you can last longer and open to your full orgasmic potential
  • Hold sacred space and become a healer for one another.

The 4 hour coaching session is not sexually explicit. The couple chooses to wear loose comfortable clothing or what they would wear for intimate setting such as robes, sarong (wrap around), silk shorts & kimonos, lingerie, etc.