The 12 Hour Package

The 12 Hour Package is divided in three sessions of approximately 4 hours each and preferably over 3 days ( locals can also space the time between the sessions at their convenience).

The first session consists of the 4 Hour Intimacy Coaching as described above. The 2nd & 3rd sessions are designed as an intimate massage course and ritual setting introducing “the lover as a healer”. The 2 sessions consist of a thorough hands-on learning skills including an initiation to Hands-On Sexual Practices “The Yoni (Female Genitalia) Healing Massage” An ideal way to prepare a woman and her partner to later on explore with G spot massage in their own timing and the “Tantric Massage” for men ( including Male Genitalia & short introduction to prostate massage).

The couple will learn:

  • How to create safe and sacred space for the ritual
  • Basic Massage techniques and acupressure for lovers while taking turn receiving and participating in the giving following Maryse’s instructions and further coaching.
  • Basic communication training to enhance the giving and receiving of pleasure.