Most heterosexual men’s only association with their prostate is through an invasive clinical prostate exam. They have no idea that the prostate is also known as the “male G spot.”
Whether for the purpose of heath or pleasure or both you owe it to yourself to make friends with your prostate and prevent prostate problems.

1. Massaging the prostate

Ancient Chinese medicine would recommend direct stimulation of the prostate through self massage on a regular basis in order to keep the organ healthy. It was recommended not only to improve the health of the prostate but also to increase potency and to produce more powerful orgasms. Specially designed Prostate Self Massagers Tools are now available on the market to help facilitate this practice. Whether you do the massage on yourself or whether you enjoy receiving it from a professional erotic massage practitioner or a dedicated skillful lover make sure that you take your time, breathe deeply, relax, and use lots of lubricant!

2. Withholding ejaculation

The prostate is responsible for ejaculation. When a man ejaculates too often or too quickly he depletes himself of his vital energy. Learning to delay ejaculation will help release beneficial sexual hormones throughout the body while optimizing health and vitality. in Ancient Chinese Medicine a man’s semen was considered “ gold liquid” because it is filled with rich minerals, vitamins and proteins. It takes some time for the body to synthesize a tablespoon of sperm which is about the equivalent of one ejaculation. Learning to withhold ejaculation is a powerful way to keep a healthy prostate, increase potency and help produce more satisfying orgasms.

3. Feed your prostate the right food nutrients

Dietary and lifestyles factors will greatly contribute to keep a healthy prostate. In a research conducted at the University of Vienna some years back with a group of men from four different countries of eastern Europe it was showed how old folk medicine worked miracles for the prevention of prostate diseases. After testing these men’s prostate the researchers could hardly find anyone showing prostate problems. The “secret of virility” that these men shared belong to the old folk pharmacopeia. It consists of eating a hand full of pumpkin seeds a day! Well as they say, the proof is in the pudding!

Pumpkin seed is high in zinc which one of the two major components of a healthy prostate.

High fatty acids are also very important for prostate function. Fish oil and flax seed oil are high sources of high fatty acids. Two tablespoon of raw flax seed oil a day is recommended. Find a brand that you like, use in as salad dressing or to replace butter on toast. Make sure you keep it refrigerated.