Did you know that ejaculation and orgasm are not one and the same?

Men are often envious at the tremendous female capacity for multiple orgasms, and they usually don’t know that they too can develop their potential for multiple orgasms! Learning to separate ejaculation from orgasm, like any other skill, requires focused attention, practice and patience. It takes time to change old, hard-wired patterns related to arousal. Choose a time when you feel well rested for your masturbation practice. You must attempt to keep relaxing while building up arousal. ??Here is how you can get started: ?

1. Practice Breath Awareness and keep your mind connected with what your body is doing

Deep abdominal breathing will help bring more awareness, aliveness and strength to your sexual organs. Practising breath awareness on a daily basis will best prepare your body to relax into arousal . Deep abdominal breathing through the nose will relax the body, quiet the mind and release stress.

2. Learn to Recognize the “point of no-return” and stop before it’s too late

The point of no return is the point of ejaculation inevitability. That is, when ejaculation is on its way and there are no more ways to control it. Avoid this point until you learn to master yourself. With regular practice of conscious masturbation in which you keep watching for the onset of this particular feeling-so- good-sensation, you will be able to recognize it and immediately stop and relax. There are different techniques which can be used at this point, but essentially, breathing and relaxing will help postpone the point of no return.

3. Activate the PC, the Sacral and the Cranial pumps to loosen up, energize and arouse your body

The The PC pump is activated by the contraction/release repetitions of the PC muscle (the same muscle that stops the flow of urine), while the sacral pump is activated by contraction-release repetitions of the anus muscles. The cranial pump is activated by the natural pelvic movement. When the breath and the 3 pumps are fully activated the orgasmic loop opens up, allowing sexual energy to move freely, triggering the full body orgasm.???Sexual Educator and international Sacred Sex Teacher Maryse Cote has helped thousands of individuals and couples over the past 20 years by enhancing awareness of the union of Sexuality and Spirituality, of Love and Sex and Intimacy and Relationships. Through her school, Ishtara Seminars, she offers certification training in Tantra & Sexual Healing.