Transform your sexual life into an amazing ecstatic experience!

To be a “man” in most cultures requires that the person with a penis carries with him the expectations of being a successful high performer and great provider. The porn star macho male stands as an exclusive model of male virility and sexual performance. This is tremendously damaging to the male psyche. Most men don’t realize how much of a toll this social conditioning takes on their ability to experience intimacy, their self perception as a lover and most particularly on their sexual performance.

Male Sexual Performance is closely related to a man’s self-perception. As the psyche takes a beating sexual performance is bound to decline. It is to be expected as a natural consequence of the distorted values in our culture. The good news is that it can be reversed. At times a sexual fitness program is the only remediation that is necessary ( See the Multi-Orgasmic Lover Training available from the Sexual Library).

However, in my experience working with men intimately for over 20 years, the issue of declining libido and sexual performance is generally multi- facetted. It is often the result of a deeper need to feel loved and wanted; to hear the words “Hey baby I want you!”
(See my article, Tantra, Men & Sexual Healing) Men self esteem is very connected with how wanted he feels.
A holistic approach takes into consideration the totality of your being. The Tantric aspect will emphasize the reconciliation of sexuality and spirituality as well as the union of the masculine and the feminine aspects within you.
Are you ready to free yourself from self limiting beliefs? From misplaced guilt, shame and insecurity?

Are you:

  • Wanting to enhance your sexual performances and expand your orgasmic potential in a natural way ?
  • Dreaming of being a Tantric lover and last longer in bed?
  • Longing to surrender to love and to find deeper intimacy?
  • Desiring to integrate Sexuality and Spirituality?
  • Looking for a coaching program to help sexual performance, premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction?
  • Needing support in rebuilding confidence after your last relationship so that you can successfully date again?
  • Wanting to heal past sexual abuse? *
  • Experiencing lack of sexual desire?
  • Wanting to understand the energy dynamics in your relationship?
  • Needing to heal self esteem issues affecting your sexuality?
  • Wanting to give your lover total sexual satisfaction?
  • Desirous of learning sexual secrets for Health and Longevity?

* May require previous work with a therapist

If you can answer yes to ANY of the above, then MY TANTRIC HOLISTIC HEALING will benefit you.

My TANTRIC HOLISTIC HEALING practice combines love with:

  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Tantric Holistic Massage
  • Intimate Skills Communication Training
  • Energy Work
  • Intuitive Deep Tissue
  • Acupressure
  • Polarity Therapy, Rituals, Breath work
  • The Multi-Orgasmic Lover Training ™

My work with men involves the cultivation of sexual energy. I focus on the subtle healing aspects of Tantra which opens the heart and promotes:

  • Deeper levels of intimacy
  • A greater sense of vitality
  • Richer emotions and fullness of life.

Sexual touch in isolation can be a limiting and addictive experience. Men also need an opportunity to:

  • Be nurtured
  • Be lovingly held
  • Be emotionally expressive e.g. to be able to cry
  • Release socially conditioned, self limiting patterns
  • Be listened to with unconditional acceptance
  • Awaken their feminine and receptive aspect
  • Receive guidance related to the integration of sexuality and spirituality
  • Be a better lover
  • Heal the damage from past relationships that touched on issues of abandonment, self-worth and self-confidence, in preparation for a new partnership
  • Receive deep relaxing full bodywork

My professional help and guidance can assist you discover the elements which may be missing from your lives. Being a true tantric lover involves so much more than knowing how to perform sexually. Call me and we can discuss what type of program would be most suitable for your particular needs.

Testimonial from an unsolicited client:

“I just want to say thanks for our very productive session yesterday. I am very glad you made me feel comfortable and safe enough to share details of my life, which I have never shared before. It truly lifted a poisonous cloud from from my soul to share that with you. Thanks!

Your therapeutic instinct in sexual dysfunction is obviously immense and intense, because last night was a great success in regards to me being able to let go and just be. And the results made for a great first intimate experience with my new partner. It was the first time in over 12 years where I was fully able to just receive without letting my mind sabotage my performance or letting the past be present in the room causing discomfort. I am extremely thankful and can’t wait to explore this newly re-found joy in sex further.”