To Assist you to Embrace your Sexuality in a Joyful, Empowering and Fully-Satisfying Fashion

Sexual Intimacy & Tantric Coaching

For Men, Women, Couples & Singles of all sexual orientation

Give yourself and/or your relationship the possibility for greater love, deeper intimacy and sexual satisfaction. You deserve it!

While sexual intimacy has the potential to benefit all other aspects of our life, it is unfortunately too often low on our list of priorities. Is it really any wonder that our capacity and desire for intimacy and our sexual performance often declines as a result?

Perhaps you already have taken the time to have a closer look at your intimate life and to realize that there are numerous issues that are getting in the way. Perhaps you would like to talk to someone and confide about some of your intimate secrets but to whom will you talk? Perhaps you wish you could learn more about yourself, could explore your own sexual intimacy and orgasmic potential with or without a partner? Or perhaps you desire more than anything to take the next step with your beloved into the world of conscious sexual loving?

None of us has been given an instruction manual for learning how to be intimate or how to access our full orgasmic potential. How are we suppose to know? Sexual Intimacy “problems “ may often be avoided or successfully addressed with adequate intimacy, communication & sexual skills coaching.

Private Coaching offers:

  • Counselling (listening and reflecting back and offering support & guidance )
  • Sexual Healing
  • Tantra instructions including a sexual fitness training :The Multi-Orgasmic Lover training
  • Sexual Skills enhancement
  • Tantric Holistic Massage
  • A powerful way to re-establish the fine balance of body, mind and spirit

Private Coaching addresses Issues such as:

  • Self worth, self image & sexual performance
  • Premature Ejaculation & Erectile Dysfunction
  • Midlife crisis and Sexual Identity
  • Menopause and feelings of loss of your sexiness
  • Rebuilding your sex life after separation
  • Low sex drive and difficulty reaching orgasms
  • Sexuality in connection to spiritual crisis
  • Healing sexual abuse
  • Aging and remaining active sexually
  • Negating your heart’s yearning to give and receive love
  • Overcoming the Sublimation of the basic human need for touch & sexual intimacy with unhealthy habits

Couples Intimacy & Tantric Coaching…

Woman – Open to the magic and mysteries of female sexuality…

Man – Awaken the Tantric lover…
Unless a man fully opens to love, he won’t know how to penetrate the mysteries of female sexual essence.