In the comfort and privacy of your own home, phone sessions are a great way to get started on your journey and/or to continue exploring and enhancing sexuality with yourself and/or with a partner. Maryse’s support and gentle guidance can help if and when:

  • You want to enhance your intimate and sexual skills
  • You are thinking of dating again after a divorce or painful break-up but your self confidence as a lover needs a boost
  • It has been a while since you were sexually active and you feel either disconnected with your sexual energy or your sexual drive is getting out of control
  • You feel you could use some help with honoring yourself when it comes to sharing sexual intimacy with a partner
  • You really need to talk to someone who can truly listen so you can share from the heart and begin to rebuild trust in yourself
  • You need extra coaching between private sessions, after a retreat or while working with Maryse’s Multi-Orgasmic Lover Training instructional audio series (see Audio Library)

Note: These sessions are not meant as a substitute for therapy. However they can serve as a therapeutic agent on the on-going journey towards wholeness.

Booking a Session

The first phone consultation is free and will last up to 15 minutes. This will be an opportunity for you to share briefly about your current situation, what you are looking for and will allow you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about Maryse’s work.

This session allows for both of us to see whether we wish to continue.

You may e-mail Maryse with your phone number and suggest windows of time for this initial free consultation. Make sure you specify where you will be calling from, Maryse is on pst (Pacific Standard Time).


You may book an initial 30 minutes or a one hour session at the regular rate of $150 per hour ( $75 for 1/2 hour)

Discounts apply for prepaid packages

1/2 hour session1 hour session

1/2 hour — 4 sessions (Save $25)

1 hour — 4 sessions (Save $50)




Phone Sessions
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Following your free phone consultation you can go to the Registration Page and pay for your upcoming 30 minute or one hour upcoming phone session(s).

Phone Sessions can be scheduled with Maryse during initial phone call and confirmed with advanced payment following the call.

Call Maryse (pst) 250-380-2703

in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada