mofHow to Give her Pleasure Beyond her Wildest Dreams

An explicit audio guide to Female Sexual Satisfaction

“Your programs were fun, rewarding and transforming
beyond our highest expectations!. They have changed
our relationship and our life!”
– Michael and Jessica

Did you know that ….

A great many women admit in confidentiality that their lovers don’t know how to satisfy them sexually?

Is this really surprising- given that most men have never been trained in the Arts of Love?

Would you like to feel confident that your partner is fully satisfied and that you both are totally fulfilled sexually?

Would you like to Be the Man of Her Fantasies and Give her Pleasure Beyond her Wildest Dreams?

There is just one step between reality and fantasy!

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What is it?

The audio guide series – Be the Man of Her Fantasies is a step-by-step program to teach men how to satisfy a woman, so that lovers can experience total sexual fulfillment.

While The Multi-Orgasmic Lover training tm is essentially about techniques to master ejaculation control, that technique alone will not make a person a great lover. This audio series will help cultivate greater sensitivity and awareness – so that lovers will reap full benefits from the techniques and principles they learn.

Some of these benefits will:

  • enable you both to feel more deeply
  • transform old pent-up energy into sexual ecstasy
  • allow her to know the power of her feminine sexual essence
  • allow him to experience his true male essence and feel empowered
  • bring you closer together at all levels

Listen to some more free samples from Be the Man of Her Fantasies™


You will learn to:

  • Develop your Communication Skills for Intimacy and Romance
  • Discover her “Love Spot”
  • Perfect your skills in Clitoral Stimulation
  • Enhance your health and rejuvenation through Oral Loving
  • Expand your capacity to nurture each other and Sustain Intimacy
  • Keep expanding her Orgasmic Potential with the G Spot Massageoth to feel more deeply
  • Monitor your Arousal
  • Make love as long as you want

And what if…

The Man of Her Fantasies is a man who truly cares, a man who can give her total female sexual satisfaction?

What if The Man of Her Fantasies had the key to open her shrine of love and her inexhaustible reservoir of sexual energy?

And what if… the Man of Her Fantasies were you?

There is just one step between reality and fantasy!

The Ancients understood how a woman’s sexual satisfaction deeply nourishes a man. They knew that taking time to arouse her slowly was crucial in order for her to reach her full orgasmic potential and release her precious nectar.

Lots of couples today “don’t have time” for sex and when they do they often are too tired to fully enjoy and reap the benefits. “Fatigue is the greatest obstacle to satisfying sex” concluded the authors of a recent in-depth study of more than 12,000 couples.

This program is designed to help couples make pleasure and passion a priority in their lives. A sexually satisfied woman is a happier woman; she is more likely to be a better partner, mother, worker. Not to mention that her partner will be a much happier man!
If you are inspired to leave no stone unturned in the quest to give her the utmost sexual satisfaction, then you can Be the Man of her Fantasies.

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Earphones are also recommended to ensure best sound quality.

Please make a note: Cd version is not available to order at this time. However you can burn your own Cd copies once you have downloaded the Mp3 version onto your computer.

The complete library subscription fee is based on the titles available at the time of purchase of a membership and subject to change as the library expands and more material ( including e-books) become available. It will then be possible to update your membership accordingly and still benefit from a discount.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will it take to get the results?

Consistency with the Sexercise program will build up momentum and you are bound to see results quickly.
Since everyone is unique the time it will take to get results will vary. It’s all up to you. This training is essentially based on practice. You strengthen these pleasure muscles and the proof will be in your pants. It’s exactly like going to the gym except that you can stay in bed if you prefer and it’s much more pleasurable. And truly the quicker you can relax into your pleasure the quicker the results. What have you got to lose? You will gain increasingly more pleasure for the rest of your life! That being said you can enjoy the ride with all the benefits along the way.

Am I too old to re-activate my libido?

Age doesn’t have to determine your interest in sex or your libido. Health is the key.
These techniques are based in traditional Chinese sexology which believes that these sexual secrets are the key to longevity and rejuvenation. Just to give you a personal example which comes to mind, my friend Jim was 69 at the time. He hadn’t been feeling great for a while due to repeated health challenges. Needless to say his libido was gone. I put him on my Sexercise program- Total Ejaculation Control for a month while he stayed with me. He was very dedicated to the program. Within about 3 weeks he came to me and said- You would have given me a million dollar to get it up that day and I would have said: no way…now today I have reached a level of orgasm I have never experienced before; it kept going on and on and I feel terrific! Now Jim had had an active sex life most of his life which may have been a contributing factor in him getting quick results. Nevertheless ! And with our money back guaranty what have you got to lose ? Think of all the pleasure you will get out of it.

Are your training programs safe?

They are safe unless heightened pleasure and great excitement are a counter-indication to your health. This might be the case with heart condition and hypertension or after surgery (I am mostly referring to my Guided Erotic Journey here when it comes to great excitement). If you are not sure of your health condition in regard to sexual activities consult a physician.
These programs are designed as a safe and natural alternative to pills and artificial devices. When you learn to open your sexual circuits with the different practices your body will release dopamine – the feel good hormone. That in itself acts as a natural anti-depressant.

Is my personal information secured?

Yes it is completely secured. All forms you enter your sensitive information into on this website remains on a secure server and all transmitted information is encrypted. We do not share nor sell our mailing lists with or to any other party.